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  The Children's Corner

Montessori Pre-School

Customer Testimonials

"For our family, Montessori was an obvious choice.  The independence, fostering of inquisitiveness, and behaviours instilled serve the children for a lifetime.  The Childrens Corner is hugely successful at teaching the Montessori philosophy. 

Our elder child is now at school and thriving – she shows great empathy and enjoys assisting her peers.  These are qualities that we value very highly and attribute this to the dedication of the teachers at The Childrens Corner in nurturing each child's individual personality and bringing out the best they can be.

Our second child will start school next year and already has the basics of reading and writing and math.  More importantly, she is requesting reading time and loves to play math games.

Both girls have benefited from the life skills Montessori promotes and I have no doubt their lives are richer for it. 

Diane and her team do a wonderful job at creating a caring and secure environment which encourages learning, while allowing the children to grow and thrive into unique little people."

                                                - Parker Family, 2017

"Zoe Adriaanse joined Children’s Corner Montessori at the age of three, at the commencement of the 2nd term in 2017, and has been with Children’s Corner for about 6 months.

I believe the ethos employed by Montessori of allowing a child the freedom to learn, explore and gain independence, while maintaining discipline is the optimal balance for any young child’s development, physically and mentally. Our daughters development and independence astounds me week on week, and this is undoubtedly in part to the very significant contribution of Children’s Corner. For our family the cornerstone principle around Independence was critical in our decision to send our Daughter to a Montessori, and after just six months we are very satisfied with the progress and development we see every day."

                                           - Adriaanse Family, 2017

"We have been lucky to have 2 of our children attend Childrens Corner with the intention of sending our newest addition. While there are lot's of choices when it comes to preschool we know this is the best decision for our family.

With the firm Montessori philosophy and gentle teaching methods we are positive we are laying a good foundation for our children going forward.

We enjoy the support from Fiona and the other staff as parents and are grateful for all the opportunities given to meet and be part of the community. A highlight this year was the Cultural Lunch, it was interesting and so much fun."

                                     - Mason Family, 2017

"Q has settled into school really well in his first week. The Montessori method has set him up for a seamless transition to school. He really enjoys all the things in his new class he is expected to do independently. And all the extension classes are paying off. He is confident in reading many of the first words they are given and is really proud to read to us from his reading books every night. Please pass on a huge thank you for the extension classes which have given him such a great foundation and to everyone else as well for the love of learning they have managed to instil in him. He has had such a great start at the Children's Corner!"

-MC Family, 2015


"Montessori preschool education was something that we investigated shortly after our first child was born. We made a decision to invest in quality preschool education as a way of preparing our children for their later school life. Our three children are now 15, 13 and 9 and all three participated in approximately 2.5 years of Montessori preschooling. We have found that the preparation our children received in this environment has led to confident and self-directed learners. They each joined primary school with confidence and a thirst for learning. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend a Montessori preschool environment to any parent wanting to give their child a great start."

- AS Family, 2015


"I hadn't really heard of Montessori and I came across it by chance! My first daughter attended the preschool since she was 3 years old and I was so impressed by how the philosophy supported her natural growth and development that all my other children were subsequently enrolled too. My children are very individual unique little people and Montessori embraces each of their interests, needs and learning paths. That's what I like most about Montessori - the total respect for the child. I also love the vibrancy of the Montessori environment and the way children engage with each other and the teachers."

- C Family, 2015

"Just a quick thank you for the amazing job The Children's Corner has done with our daughters.

M is now nearly 8 and in the top stream at school, this is no doubt due to her early learning with the Children's Corner and how it has set her up for
 a lifetime of learning.  When she first started school her teacher made the comment that it was obvious which children had come from the Montessori as they were so ready for school and were already ahead of the curriculum.

S was floundering at her previous centre and had some behaviour issues. Since being at the Children's Corner she has come along in leaps and bounds, at just 4yrs this weekend she told us that 9+2 makes 11. Amazing, and she can write her name!  As she is a foster child and has had lots of issues in the past we are just so pleased that she is now on par or above other children her age, and the best thing is she loves to go to the Children's Corner and has made some lovely friends.

So thanks again for the amazing input you have had with our children."

                                       - DW Family, 2015