Our Approach and Values

In short everything we do is in answer to one very simple question. “Whats in the best interests of the child?”

Our team work hard to ensure that children feel safe, secure, valued, respected and listened to as a foundation for them to grow as happy, engaged and independent learners. Our curriculum is based on Te Whāriki, the New Zealand national curriculum for early childhood. This ensures that children have access to a wide range of learning opportunities to support them to grow in mind, body and spirit. At The Children’s Corner…

  • Children can lead their own learning based on their individual needs and interests.
  • Develop their self-help skills and independence.
  • There are plentiful opportunities for children to learn in both the indoor and outdoor environments of the centre.
  • We encourage children to care and respect for their environment, each other and also themselves.
  • We foster a respectful and co-operative environment where children grow as socially competent learners
  • Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their belongings and work.
  • Children can learn at their own pace in a non-competitive environment.
  • We support children as they transition to primary school with opportunities for extended learning.